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15 April 2024

Poland: Housing recommendations for displaced people at local and regional levels

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This publication 'Housing - the basis of livelihood security. Solutions at urban and regional level' presents housing policy recommendations for local governments and regional central government administrations. The recommendations aim to support people displaced from Ukraine but can also be replicated in case of other instances of displacement in the future.

Local governments in Poland do not systematically gather data on the places of residence, living conditions, and plans to stay or leave of people displaced from Ukraine. The authors of the report therefore recommend that local governments establish a system to collect data on the housing situations of temporary protection holders, as well as on the situation of the institutions and individuals hosting them.

The paper also advises that local governments should prepare information on the available accommodations in languages understood by the target group, both online and in the form of leaflets, posters, and more. Information sheets detailing available accommodation could encourage temporary protection holders to consider housing options outside the major urban areas where rental costs are lower and the quality of life is often higher, the authors also suggest.

The paper continues that hosting in private homes should only serve as a temporary solution due to the potential challenges in maintaining the guest-host relationships. Regional central government administrations should organise such temporary - and numerous - accommodations at the local level for those unable to afford housing independently. However, the primary responsibility for housing assistance should rest with local governments, as they are closest to residents and can leverage grassroots initiatives to provide temporary housing solutions, the paper recommends. Moreover, local governments should offer psychological, social and mediation support to both hosts and displaced people.

In light of any possible future influxes of migrants, the paper suggests that local governments should ensure that comprehensive information about both collective and individual accommodations is readily accessible. This should include details on housing options, whether they are paid, provided free of charge, or subsidised, and on the accessibility of these accommodations for people with special needs. Information on potential sources of funding for such housing initiatives should also be collected. The full report is available in Polish.

Mieszkanie – podstawa bezpieczeństwa bytowego. Rozwiązania na poziomie miejskim i regionalnym
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Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała, Kamil Łuczaj
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Magdalena Lesinska
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