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Estonia: World Refugee Day festival

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on 20 June, the Estonian Refugee Council is organising the ' Refugee Day Festival' in collaboration with

Discrimination in Finland 2020 - 2023

This report, published in May 2024 by Finland's Ministry of Justice, examines discrimination and other similar phenomena in Finland during the period...

Denmark: Ethnicity and bullying dynamics

A new report prepared by the Danish Institute for Human Rights, in collaboration with Børns Vilkår (Children’s Terms), finds that bullying related to...

Human rights in Bulgaria 2023

On 30 April the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee published its annual human rights report for 2023. Some key issues highlighted in the report this year...

Trnje: Open quarter

Platforma Upgrade ( Upgrade Platform) is organising " Trnje: Open quarter", the latest in a series of events promoting integration through culture and