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Trnje: Open quarter


Platforma Upgrade (Upgrade Platform) is organising "Trnje: Open quarter", the latest in a series of events promoting integration through culture and art, with the aim of establishing an Intercultural Social Centre. After last year's successful programme in the Ribnjak Youth Centre, this year the activities are being held in the Trnje district in conjunction with Pogon, association URK/Močvara and UBU - the Association of Former Students and the School of Applied Art and Design.

The evening programme will focus on intercultural moments that mark the city, the integration of individuals from other national, cultural, ethnic, religious and other backgrounds in our society, and how we can establish an inclusive dialogue through culture. The aim of the event is to raise awareness of issues faced by people with a migrant background in Zagreb and Croatia, and to create shared intercultural moments, dialogue and entertainment, promoting an inclusive atmosphere that will continue beyond the event itself.


  • 18:00 - Public panel: "From exploitation to solidarity - foreign workers in Zagreb", with focus on racism and the suppression of labour and human rights. The discussion will address trade union organising as an intercultural phenomenon from a historical, legal and labour perspective, with Nikola Vukobratović, Sunčica Brnardić and Sweta Pudasaina. Moderation by Leonard Jurić. (Pogon Jedinstvo large hall)
  • 19:30 - "Open quarter? Mapping the neighborhood of Trnje and work with migrants and refugees": an exhibition prepared by students of the School of Applied Art and Design which looks at the Trnje neighborhood as a place of extremes and diversity, while raising the question of its openness. Students will also present the work of the 'Are You Syrious?' association which promotes the neighbourhood integration of migrants and refugees. (Great hall of Pogon Jedinstvo)
  • 20:30 - Intercultural music programme: Toumaranke Orchestra & world music party by DJ Bezum. The Toumaranke Orchestra is a band of African and European musicians who convey their lived experiences through their music, promoting the idea that we are all the same regardless of the cultural and geographical limitations of our environments. (Klub Močvara)

Platforma Upgrade was founded in 2015 to develop intercultural integration through culture and art and to establish an Intercultural Social Centre in Zagreb, based on the civil-public partnership management model with the City of Zagreb. The event is organised with the financial support of the City of Zagreb's City Office for Culture and Civil Society, as part of the 'Culture and Art in the Community' programme.

All activities are free and no registration is required.

Practical information

Pogon Jedinstvo and Močvara club
Platforma Upgrade
Posted by
Drago Zuparic
Country Coordinator

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