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EU funds available at national level

If you wish to implement a project in a specific Member State, you can benefit from EU funds available through the national or regional bodies in each EU country. The funds are run according to national programmes based on the larger EC goals.

In each Member States, the national or regional bodies in charge of these funds periodically open calls for proposals to which different types of stakeholders can apply. In addition, various public and private funds may also be available in the different EU countries.

EU funds supporting the integration of third-country nationals, 2014 - 2020

See all national-level calls on EWSI below, and visit the links to find the national distributing bodies of the different funds.

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EU funds available at national level (567)


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Luxembourg: Appel à projets AMIF

Un nouvel appel à financement a été lancé par le Fonds « Asile, Migration et Intégration » (AMIF) au Luxembourg. Il est ouvert jusqu'au 20 septembre...
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Luxembourg: Appel à projets FSE+

Dans le cadre du programme FSE+ 2021-2027 "Investir dans le futur", un appel à projets est ouvert jusqu'au 20 septembre. Le FSE finance des projets d...