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14 February 2024

Spain: Ongoing administrative reform simplifies permit processes and protects migrant rights

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The Minister of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration in Spain, Elma Saiz, announced that over the next 6 months the government will carry out a previously announced legislation reform that aims to support migrants in bureaucratic procedures and reduce the related administrative stockpile. The reform was first announced in December 2023 following the Sectoral Conference on Immigration - the next conference will be held with the autonomous communities in March. 

The same regulation was previously amended in 2021 to better protect unaccompanied migrant minors, giving them the possibility of accessing the system and guaranteeing that their rights are upheld. The main objective of this reform is to diminish the large variety of permits currently available for migrants in Spain, creating instead fewer, simpler, more comprehensive permit types. Modifications under this latest legislative amendment aim to "accompany and assist in procedures", "alleviate administrative burdens" and "facilitate, within the parameters", a migration that is "regular, orderly, safe and with human rights at the centre".  

Saiz also indicated upcoming implementation of 2 European directives, both passed under the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union. The first, the revised Single-Permit Directive, aims to streamline the permit process to grant a single permit for both residence and employment, while at the same time reinforcing protections against labour exploitation. The second is the renewed Long-term Residents Directive, which improves the rights of long-term residents and their families.


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