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14 July 2023

Situation of foreigners, migration and integration in the Czech Republic 2022

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The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, in cooperation with other ministries, published a report on the migration and integration of foreigners in the Czech Republic in 2022. The report provides detailed information on the situation in the fields of legal and illegal migration, international protection and the integration of foreigners. It also compares the year 2022 with 2021 and previous years using certain indicators, thereby identifying basic migration trends in the country.

The most dominant phenomenon in the Czech Republic in 2022, according to the report, was the arrival of a large number of people displaced from Ukraine. 473 216 such people were granted temporary protection in the country by the end of 2022. In relative terms (number of refugees per 100 000 inhabitants), the Czech Republic has become the most significant recipient of refugees from Ukraine in the European Union. As a result of these new refugee arrivals, the total number of foreigners residing in the Czech Republic increased by 69% in 2022, reaching 1 116 154. Third-country nationals (mainly citizens of Ukraine, Vietnam and Russia) account for 80% of this total.

The number of foreigners with free access to the labour market in the Czech Republic increased hugely (by 74%) in 2022 with the arrival of those fleeing Ukraine, and by the end of the year over 100 000 temporary protection holders who had fled Ukraine were employed in the Czech Republic. Labour migration programmes for citizens of Russia and Belarus were suspended, while quotas within these programmes were increased for people from other countries (such as the Philippines and Moldova) and expanded to include new countries (Armenia, Georgia, Northern Macedonia).

Another significant trend identified in the report is an increase in irregular transit migration. The number of people detained in the country as a result of this increased by 162% in 2022, amounting to 29 235 people.

Annual Report on migration and integration 2022
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