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03 May 2024

The EC launches survey for the mid-term review of the Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027

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The EU's Pact on Migration and Asylum highlights the importance of a successful integration and inclusion policy for an effective asylum and migration system. In this context, the Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion 2021-2027 proposed more than 60 concrete actions for the European Commission (EC) and the EU Member States, in cooperation with a range of relevant stakeholders. The actions all aim to advance integration and inclusion policies in the EU. The action plan also envisions a mid-term review to monitor the implementation of these actions.

Against this background, the EC's Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME) designed a questionnaire to gather feedback from external stakeholders on the progress achieved, and the challenges encountered, throughout the first half of the action plan’s implementation period. The survey seeks contributions from a broader group of integration experts. Anyone with knowledge or lived experience in the integration and inclusion of migrants or EU citizens with migrant background is invited to contribute to the questionnaire, in either a personal or professional capacity. The replies will feed into the mid-term review and complement the monitoring of actions taken by the Commission.

The questionnaire aims to gather feedback on the measures taken in all sectoral priority areas of the action plan (education, employment and skills, health, and housing), as well as in the horizontal actions supporting integration in all areas. In preparing the replies, participants are invited to respond to questions related to their field(s) of expertise. The answers do not have to be comprehensive if the respondents would like to focus their replies on a specific sector or topic, or do not have expertise within a specific level of work (local, regional, national or EU level, for example).

The questionnaire is available online and the deadline for contributions is 31 May 2024.


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