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01 May 2024

Greece: The challenge of migration flows and refugee protection

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The Greek Ombudsman published a new report entitled "The challenge of migratory flows and refugee protection - reception conditions and procedures" presenting an assessment of the migration situation in Greece with focus on the conditions and administrative procedures for the reception of applicants for international protection.

This report presents an update on the information provided in the 2017 special report from the Greek Ombudsman, which examined management of population flows in the year following the 2016 EU-Turkey deal. It forms part of the “Providing fundamental rights expertise to stakeholders operating in Greek migration and asylum system” project, which is co-funded by the EEA Grants, which represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe, and national funding. 

The report looks at changes made since 2017 - in terms of improving the institutional framework and simplifying administrative procedures - through the collection, comparison and evaluation of data, public statements, and national and European institutional actions, plus analysis of institutional initiatives and legislation and of the Ombudsman’s specific capacities. It also highlights problems and gaps in the institutional treatment of applicants for international protection, presents recommendations, and identifies good practices. 

Specific focuses of the report include:

  • Facilities, infrastructure and living conditions
  • Financial assistance
  • Medical and psychosocial services
  • Education and educational activities
  • Reception and asylum procedures
  • Unaccompanied children

In addition, the report highlights issues related to the EU Pact on Immigration and Asylum for the reception of international protection. The Ombudsman considers that the new Pact, and the regulations deriving from it, herald a unified asylum and return procedure. An independent monitoring mechanism is also foreseen in order to guarantee fundamental rights, making it all the more necessary to provide for independent monitoring of the protection of fundamental rights in all procedures and of the transparency of the actions of relevant state institutions.

The challenge of Migratory flows and Refugee Protection. Reception conditions and procedures
(3.31 MB - PDF)


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