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10th European Summit of Regions and Cities

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On 18 March, the Committe of the Regions (CoR) Integration network is organising a panel session entitled "Building inclusive communities". 

The session is one of many organised for the 10th European Summit of Regions and Cities, which is taking place on 18 - 19 March in Belgium. The city of ​​​​​​Mons will host thousands of mayors, councillors, regional ministers and European and global decision makers as they debate challenges an​d solutions for the future of Europe and beyond. All sessions will be recorded live and broadcast online.

The panel discussion will bring together high-level policy makers from the European Commission and UNICEF who will address challenges and showcase best practices of regional and local authorities. The focus will be on highlighting initiatives that are ensuring sustainable solutions for the inclusion of new arrivals and facilitating their successful integration into the labour market. The need to provide protection and guidance for migrant and refugee children and young people will also be discussed.

View the full Summit agenda here.

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WCCM - Avenue Mélina Mercouri 9, 7000 Mons, Belgium
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