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10 May 2024

Poland: Government adopts draft law on assistance to Ukrainian nationals

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On 30 April the Polish government adopted a draft law on amendments to the Act on assistance to Ukrainian nationals in connection with the armed conflict on the territory of this country. It was submitted for parliamentary consideration on 2 May and is expected to come into effect on 1 July.

The amended law states that the legality of residence of Ukrainian nationals will be extended until 30 September 2024. Moreover, from 2025, Ukrainians granted temporary protection will be entitled to apply for a temporary residence permit valid for 3 years. Currently, this right is only granted to those who either work or run a business in Poland.

Further, financial support for providing accommodation will only be available to those providing shelter and meals for vulnerable refugees from Ukraine in collective accommodation centres, operating on the basis of contracts signed with the relevant voivode (provincial governor) or local government. Private individuals who host Ukrainian nationals will no longer be entitled to financial support from the state.

An important new solution - in response to problems associated with the attendance of Ukrainian children at schools - will be the introduction of an obligation for children of Ukrainian nationals to attend Polish schools. Until now, these children could also study remotely within the Ukrainian education system. Importantly, the attendance of Ukrainian children in Polish schools will be a condition for the payment of the "800+" benefit: the monthly child allowance of PLN 800 (approx. EUR 186).

Permission for the provision of psychological services to Ukrainian citizens, by other Ukrainian nationals with relevant qualifications from Ukraine which are not yet recognised in Poland, will also be restored.

Additionally, temporary protection will be extended to minor children of Ukrainian nationals and minor children of spouses of Ukrainian nationals who do not have Ukrainian citizenship.


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