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15 October 2020

AMIF Funding Call 2020: Promoting migrant participation in integration policies


AMIF, the European Commission's Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, is calling for funding proposals for projects that promote the participation of migrants in the design and implementation of integration policies.

Active involvement of migrants, asylum applicants and refugees in consultative and decision-making processes around integration policies is crucial for the tailoring of such policies to the needs of their main beneficiaries, and contributes to the empowerment and long-term integration of third country nationals (TCNs) into society.

Projects funded in this area will promote refugee and migrant participation in the design and implementation of integration and related policies at local, regional, national and European level.

Funding will be granted for such actions as:

  • supporting the setting up of councils or consultative bodies of migrants at local, regional, national and EU level in close cooperation with public authorities;
  • developing innovative consultation mechanisms for migrants in policy areas that concern their inclusion and participation in host societies, e.g. education, health care, employment, housing;
  • promotion of the exchange of experiences between local, regional and/or national public authorities about the involvement of migrants in the design of integration policies and their implementation;
  • capacity building for public authorities at local, regional or national level, in order to more efficiently consult and involve migrants in the design and implementation of policy areas that directly affect them.

The proposed consortium should include key actors for the achievement of the proposed objectives, namely refugee and migrant organisations as well as local, regional and/or national public authorities.

More information is available on the European Commission's website, where proposals should be submitted by 16 February 2021 (at 17:00 Brussels time).

Learn more here about other funding opportunities within this call.


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