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The 'Common Space' project model facilitates refugees' access to information and integration services, while fostering the development of positive and productive partnerships between public administrations and civil society at the local level.


In the Flemish region of Belgium, newcomers participating in a civic integration programme are now required to undergo a standardised Dutch language test.


The European Integration Network (EIN) had its second meeting of 2023 in Madrid this month, which focused on the sustainable labour market inclusion of migrants.


Funding opportunities

The Henryk Wujec Civic Fund in Poland issued a call for funding applications from social initiatives run by refugees.

Le Ministère de la Famille et de l'Intégration à Luxembourg lance un appel à projets pour promouvoir la participation des travailleurs transfrontaliers et développer des modules modèles pour le pacte citoyen et le programme du vivre-ensemble interculturel.

Upcoming events

This final conference of the "Fatti riconoscere" project will see presentation of the project's activities and results by key partners, with focus on challenges, good practices and future perspectives.


The Global Refugee Forum 2023 will take place in Geneva. It will give states and stakeholders the chance to announce concrete pledges and contributions, highlight progress made, share good practices and discuss challenges and opportunities ahead.


Integration practices

This network of local authorities works to promote the unconditional welcome of exiled people including refugees, with key focus on the exchange of inspiring practices of welcome and inclusion.


This long-running housing cooperative provides housing for those in need, including asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international or complementary protection who can no longer be supported by the national reception system.


Among other things, this project offers a platform for gathering and exchanging information, training opportunities, and support around the themes of integration and intercultural living at the local and regional levels in Luxembourg.


Documents and publications

This study investigates existing policies and measures that promote diversity and inclusion in school education across the EU, highlighting existing targeted policy initiatives that promote learners’ access to quality, inclusive, mainstream education.


This publication explores policies of migrant integration in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, and Germany.