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Brussels: Kumbuka Festival

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The Kumbuka festival is a cultural festival organised by Binabi and financed by the Federal Public Service Justice. The project is part of the United NationsInternational Decade for People of African descent. The goal of this festival is to promote the cultural and intellectual contribution of Afro-descendants in Belgium, and to address the country’s colonial past and its consequences as well as the discrimination and racism that Afro-descendants experience daily.

A large portion of migrants to Belgium are part of the African diaspora. This event provides a way of celebrating the ensuing cultural diversity, and of acknowledging how migration contributes to cultural exchange. It is also an opportunity for diaspora communities to come together and share their experiences, struggles and realities. Furthermore, the festival can be a platform to promote integration and understanding between migrant or diaspora communities and the society they live in. 

The Kumbuka Festival will comprise 5 events throughout March. On 1 March an opening ceremony will take place, which will include an art exhibition and a concert. On 7 March, anti-racist and afro-feminist associations will hold a workshop on topics such as racism and discrimination. The third event will take place on 14 March and will include the screening of a documentary and a debate. On 23 March there will be a guided visit to Ixelles. Lastly, on 29 March, a speech contest will be organised for Afro-descendants in Belgium.

Practical information

Av. Adolphe Buyl 87, 1000 Ixelles
Biso Na Bino ULB ASBL
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Julie Minders
Country Coordinator

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