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The New Europeans Initiative - a project dedicated to boosting the civic and political participation of people from various migration backgrounds - is organising its first annual Democracy Academy. The application deadline is 29 September.


Funding opportunities

Upcoming events

This event brings together hundreds of representatives from EU institutions, national governments, and international organisations to raise awareness of the European Commission's new, comprehensive approach to mental health - which includes consideration of the mental health of migrants and refugees - to hear from experts and those with lived experience and to exchange knowledge on good practices.


This workshop looks at the role of the intangible cultural heritage of refugees and migrants in displacement and their integration into society, and marks the 20th anniversary of the UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is open to actors and experts working with migrants or refugees, including those displaced from Ukraine, or with the issue of living heritage.


This seminar hosted by the Nordic Welfare Centre will examine how people with a migrant background can be better recognised as a resource, and what Nordic countries can learn from each other to improve skills matching, broaden recruitment and build education programmes.


This webinar, hosted by the New Europeans Initiative, will see presentation of research and discussion on strategies for overcoming barriers to the civic and political participation of people from various migration backgrounds.


This event from the AMIF-funded MILE project event will explore how collaboration and community engagement can help make civic engagement and political participation more inclusive and accessible to all.


Integration practices

This newly launched initiative provides essential guidance on navigating Belgian systems to individuals of foreign origin settled in Brussels.


Documents and publications

This comparative report provides an overview of access to socio-economic rights for temporary protection beneficiaries (TPBs) displaced from Ukraine in 19 EU member states and 3 non-EU countries.


The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published a report on access to rights for those with EU long-term resident status, examining the reasons for underuse of this status and outlining related recommendations for EU and national authorities.


This report examines strategies that community sponsorship programmes for refugees can use to overcome obstacles in the recruitment and retention of sponsors.


This first comprehensive study of the lives of people displaced from Ukraine in Denmark - conducted by Copenhagen University and DIGNITY, the Danish Institute Against Torture - finds that almost 1 in 3 such people show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.