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Estonia: ‘Re-invent yourself'

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The “Re-invent yourself” spouse programme is organised by Work in Estonia, in cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and relocation company Move My Talent, to support the integration of international spouses newly resident in Estonia. The programme provides training and counseling on employment and business.

Project Goal

This programme was designed to help international spouses overcome the career challenges they face after moving to Estonia. Oftentimes these individuals do not have access to the information or professional network needed to continue their careers or meet their professional goals in their new host country. Many have questions as to what employment options are available to them if they do not yet have knowledge of the Estonian language, where they can find and develop professional contacts, or how they can set up their own company.

How it works

The “Re-invent yourself” programme runs for 4 weeks and comprises training sessions, networking meetings, and individual career consultations:

  • The training sessions help with adjusting to life in Estonia, understanding the Estonian professional environment, and learning about local business culture.
  • The networking meetings connect participants with local professionals, HR managers, and recruiters who will share their knowledge and networks.
  • The individual career consultations are run by the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and help participants review their CVs and motivation letters and practise for interviews. The aim of this is to ensure that their application documents better fit Estonian labour market requirements.

In addition to practical trainings and consultations, participants also benefit from being connected with other spouses in the same position with whom they can build community. Participation is free of charge; attendance at all sessions is expected. 


More than 4 00 international spouses took part in the programme from 2019 - 2023. In 2022, more than 52% of the participants found a suitable job within a few months after graduating from the programme. Others began new studies or opened their own business.


For evaluation of the programme, feedback is gathered 3 times from each group of participants after graduation: first after just 1 week, then after 3 months, and finally after 9 months.

According to this feedback, over 85% of participants are either satisfied or very satisfied with the programme.

Who benefits

The beneficiaries of this programme are accompanying partners/spouses of foreign specialists who relocated to Estonia for work, who reside in Estonia full-time and are not yet working themselves. By extension, wider Estonian society will benefit from the ultimate social and economic integration of particiants.

Funding and resources

The “Re-invent yourself” programme is organised by Work in Estonia, a government-funded initiative belonging to Enterprise Estonia. Additionally, the programme is delivered in cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and MoveMyTalent, a relocation service in Estonia. 

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