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01 May 2024

Latvia: Regional Refugee Response Plan 2024

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With a projected Ukrainian refugee population of 50 000 in Latvia in 2024, UNHCR and 17 local partners require nearly $10 million to implement efforts to support governmental efforts via the Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP). Comprehensive support mechanisms are planned via the RRP to take into consideration multiple dimensions of need among the refugee population.

As the refugee population in Latvia comprises mostly women (48%) and children (27%), special attention in the RPP is being paid to their support, including via efforts to prevent child abuse and gender-based violence and provision of practical support for single mothers entering the labour market.

Strategic objectives for Latvia within the RRP include promoting access to legal status and protection of rights, improving targeted support mechanisms for refugees with special needs, assisting refugees with attaining socio-economic self-reliance within Latvia, and focusing on social cohesion between refugees and the local communities.

The plan also outlines support mechanisms provided by national partners across sectoral policy areas, such as assistance with delivery of all levels of child education, language courses in both Latvian and English, promotion of sustainable integration with focus on socio-economic inclusion, assistance with healthcare, and covering basic needs.

$3.4 million is allocated to both the protection and socio-economic inclusion categories respectively, $1.5 million to meeting basic needs, and $1 million to provision of education. The rest of the $10 million total  will be allocated to other support mechanisms as necessary.


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